Week 6 – First Job?

I will begin by saying that I am thankful for the opportunity to have interned at AFI and to have gained valuable insight into the work that goes into putting films on the big, silver screen. However with that said, when it comes to my first job I have mixed feelings about continuing on with the work … Continue reading Week 6 – First Job?


Week 6 internship

As I have gone through the course of the internship, I have thought a lot about if I can see myself in a field such as communications. I have always been interested in the ways that people use social media to promote themselves and adapt to the way that younger generations communicate with each other. … Continue reading Week 6 internship

Blog #6 – Internship = First Job and Career Field

Thinking towards the future, I can see myself being satisfied with a first job similar to my internship here at C-SPAN, though with some modifications. Engagement is the biggest issue with my internship as the work is engaging for chunks at a time, with frequent in between downtime where I need to find or create … Continue reading Blog #6 – Internship = First Job and Career Field