Blog #2: Theory and Practice

One word have been thinking of constantly throughout my internship is the concept of transmedia. My previous experience with the term wholly centered on narrative fiction, but being in Washington has thrusted me into the world of politics, and with it a new experience with transmedia. When I traditionally think of the word, I think … Continue reading Blog #2: Theory and Practice


Theory and Practice

In my two weeks at the NEA, the biggest connections I've been able to draw deal with the connection and distribution - how mass proliferation of media and the plurality of media outlets affects the formation of a message or narrative. A lot of the public affairs work I've been involved in has required me … Continue reading Theory and Practice

Convergence & Internship Social Media

At the beginning of this (summer) course, we talked about the idea of convergence, which was defined by Ott & Mack as "the tendency of formerly diverse media to share a common, integrated platform." In my internship so far, I've found myself dealing with a lot of examples of convergence - not only between new and … Continue reading Convergence & Internship Social Media